About Us

The Motel Wilton has been owned and operated by Don & Lois Kiser for over 21 years.  We have recently made some changes and are beginning to slow down.  The biggest change is that we no longer run office hours and that makes it difficult for drop-ins or last minute reservations.  However,  we are still open for business and continue to provide the same customer service and care, as always.  If you need to make a reservation, you simply need to leave us a detailed message on the motel number and we will call you back.  Advance reservations are recommended, as we may not get your "same day" request.

You may also email us and with your request or, if you happen to drop by, you'll find our contact numbers on the door!

All our rooms have expanded cable t.v., refrigerators, microwaves (most rooms) coffee, and free Wi-Fi.

While no cooking is permitted in the rooms, we encourage you to use our  gas grill and picnic table anytime of the year. 

Thank you to all our customers (new & old, alike) We have enjoyed having you!!

Thanks For Supporting The Local 
"Mom & Pops!!
 Don & Lois Kiser - owners